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Mesos is the digital currency used in the game MapleStory M. You need it for basically everything in the game. For instance, Mesos can be used to upgrade your armor, weapon, jewels and buying useful items in the game. We have millions of mesos in our MapleStory M game. In this blog you will read our tactics for farming MapleStory M Mesos fast. You also read about the best way to buy this currency online. Some people just do not want to grind for days to get millions of in-game currency fast. Cheap mesos can be bought for a small amount of real life cash. We will kick this blog off with our tips of gaining mesos for free.

MapleStory M farming tips

We use these top 5 mesos farming tips to gain the maximum of this currency each day.

  1. Collect a total of 250 Maple Leaves every day. If you complete this quest daily, you get Mysterious Pouch Bags. Reward: a few 100k
  2. Daily Missions: You will get new missions every day. Complete all of them to get 120k mesos daily. This will add up very fast.
  3. Mini Dungeons: At level 100 it is possible to farm between 150k200k. Farm each those dungeons for 30 minutes.
  4. Elite Dungeons: When you reach level 95 (can be easily done fast) you get special dungeons. These Elite Dungeons will reward you with Epic equipment. Selling this equipment will get you probably between 400k-500k
  5. Trade weapons: In the trading section you can sell perfect attack weapons for over 1 million mesos. You will need to get a perfect base attack weapon to sell first. Keep an eye out for those!

Buy cheap mesos

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